Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Come experience the magick of the Morrighan
Come and be empowered through informative classes formal and informal, Share in rituals, meditation, readings,share your gifts
Experience the mutual support of a sisterhood online

Participation is a must as in any live coven.It is a womesn only Ecclectic Celtic flavored Circle.
Click link above for more infor and to loin the magick Circle


Circle of Isis

Do you liove Isis, Do you wish to know all you can about Her
Do you feel Her draw, and want to take formal classes dedicating yourself to Her service
Just click link below


Sisters of the Craft

Dedicated to the Goddess Hecate, Witchcraft,Magick
Discussion on the Goddess and Witchcraft
Women only


Light of Isis

Also connected ot the Fellowship of Isis

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